Today I’m going to tell you all about my personal experience about the changing product in the industry ‘Olaplex ‘and the pros of the Olaplex treatment that I took at Indriya salon and spa, Coimbatore. Before I tell about the treatment, I would like to describe the amazing hospitable service provided at Indriya and also about their amazing ambience.

The outer reception space of the salon looked ultra-stylish which also included a separate space for their selfie station and I couldn’t wait to get myself pampered. I was super excited by looking at the ambience and they are the only salon in the town that provide 3D nail art printing that looks fabulous and also the Olaplex treatment that has been a rage in the industry is being done only at Indriya in Coimbatore. When I took their salon tour, I was amazed by how every service in their spa had a separate space allocated for it which exhibited their high standards. From the outside, I was worried this fancy-looking spa would be overpriced, but their rates are very reasonable. The staffs were hospitable and very friendly and well experienced and to not forget Ms.Rashi Indra ,the founder of Indriya salon made me feel so comfortable and took great efforts in explaining me about the treatment and made sure that I was clear about what I was about to do in the treatment and my special thanks to Mr.Jigar for inviting me to experience this amazing treatment .

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex   is a hair care treatment that helps construct better hair structure and repairs the damage done to your bleached/coloured hair, to hair that has an excessive exposure to styling tools. It is also used while colouring to prevent the damage done during the process. This treatment has been opted by many world-famous celebrities and has become a changing product in the industry. It is a bond multiplier, basically an extreme make-over version of a hair spa. Olaplex aims to work on your hair damage . It has shown noteworthy results worldwide.


My personal experience

I loved my post olaplex hair, though it did not make much difference with the looks as it is not a shining treatment , it did make my hair feel good and after few days I could notice comparatively less hair fall that I was facing due to my previously done hair smoothening and haircolouring. It did control my frizz. However, it was not a lengthy procedure and did not made me nauseated like my previous hair smoothening. Anyone can avail this treatment as it does not have any strong chemicals and considered safe for all. It is not a shining treatment. Thankfully, unlike hair colouring and smoothening it does not command any specific product to be used. You can use your existing hair care products. So, here is my before and after pictures of the treatment. Thanks to Indriya salon and spa .

Their prices range from 800 INR – 2000 INR depending on the olaplex treatment you choose.

Do let me know if you are planning or undergone Olaplex Treatment in the past. I would love to hear your responses.

Have a good hair day !!!!!!!!